3-Channel Video Hum Eliminator


The HD-HUM-3S Hum Eliminator is for the reduction or elimination of noise and hum in both analogue and digital video signals up to 3G-SDI. This product is unique as it handles ALL video standards and even with its all-metal construction, weighs in at only 1.1kg/2.4lb.


Video Hum Eliminator

The HD-HUM-3S is an ultra wide bandwidth 3-channel hum eliminator that can be used for the reduction or elimination of common-mode noise in both digital and analogue video signals. Due to its ultra-wideband design the HD-HUM-3S is compatible with all digital and analogue signals from DC to 4.5GHz, making the unit compatible with all composite, ASI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI video signals.


  • Eliminate Noise and Hum From Analogue and Digital Video Signals
  • 3 Independent Channels
  • Supports all 3G, HD, SD SDI and ASI Formats
  • Supports all Analogue Video Formats
  • Passive Device
  • High Performance and Wide Bandwidth Design
  • Ultra-Compact and Lightweight


The HD-HUM-3S Hum Eliminator is a passive, ultra-high performance, compact hum eliminator which provide a complete solution to the reduction and elimination of common mode hum and noise that can interfere with all types of video signals, both analogue and digital, caused by small differences in ground potential or induced currents in long cable runs. This Hum Eliminator is ideal in situations where ground isolation is not desired, for example when dc or low speed camera controls need to be passed through the device and not blocked.

For Analogue Video signals this noise can result in horizontal or vertical synchronization problems or the reduction in picture

For Serial Digital Video, the interference causes degradation of the absolute bit timing of the digital signal leading to bit errors. These bit errors will reduce the integrity of the video and data content, but since digital signals do not degrade gracefully but suffer from a cliff effect, the digital signal can be lost altogether.

The HD-HUM-3S Hum Eliminator is compatible with all SMPTE and ASI transmission rates up to 2.97Gb/s supporting 1080p/60. In addition they are compatible with all standard and high definition analogue formats.

The HD-HUM-3S Hum Eliminator is a 3-channel unit and comes in a compact standalone unit.


Channels: 3
Impedance: 75Ω ± 2%, unbalanced
Bandwidth: DC to 4.5Gb/s
Noise Rejection: >65dB, Noise (hum) Frequency = 5Hz to 250kHz common mode
Return Loss: >15dB at 270Mhz to 1.5GHz; >10dB at 3GHz
Insertion Loss: Equivalent to 10metres of Belden 1694A
Channel Separation: >60dB
Size: 121mm[4.75″] x 95mm[3.75″] x 61mm[2.5″] excluding connectors
Weight: 1.1kg[2.4lb]
Environmental: -25 to +55 deg C [32 to 131 deg F], 5%-95% non-condensing
EN55103-1, EN55103, EN6095, FCC part 15

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