1-Channel AES3 MADI Passive Splitter



The AS275B-01S is a single channel, standalone unit, that is used as an AES3 and MADI (AES10) passive splitter.
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AES3 MADI Passive Splitter

The AS275B-01S is a single channel, standalone unit, that is used as an AES3 MADI passive splitter. This high performance unit meets all the requirements of the AES3i and AES10 standards.


  • Conveniently split a single source into two outputs
  • High performance design with minimal insertion loss
  • Supports AES3 and AES10 MADI Formats
  • Passive Device
  • Fault tolerant operation
  • Ultra-Compact and Lightweight
  • Standalone Unit


The Proton AS275B AES3 MADI Passive Splitter conveniently splits a single source into two signals for distribution with minimal loss. Since it is a passive device there is no requirement for power making the deployment of the AES3 MADI Passive Splitter an easy and convenient task within any facility.
The AS275B-01S Passive Splitter has been designed with reliability at the forefront for critical applications. The AES3 MADI Passive Splitter is fault tolerant due to the high isolation between the outputs, this allows an open-circuit, short-circuit or incorrect termination on one output to have almost no effect on the quality of the remaining output. This complex transformer arrangement also minimizes output and insertion losses and therefore outperforms simple resistor splitters.
The AS275B-01S AES3 MADI Passive Splitter support all of the AES transmission rates between 1Mb/s and 150Mb/s and is therefore compatible with all digital audio formats including AES3 and AES10 (MADI) and offers a cost effective alternative to powered distribution amplifiers. The AS275B-01S is housed in a compact standalone unit.

Channels: 1
Impedance: 75Ω ± 2%, unbalanced
Bandwidth: 1Mb/s to 150Mb/s
Return Loss: <18dB to 150Mb/s
Insertion Loss: <3.5dB
Port Isolation: >20dB
Size: 20mm[0.85″] x 50mm[2″] x 30mm[1.2″] excluding connectors
Weight: 50g[1.7oz]
Environmental: -25 to +55 deg C [32 to 131 deg F], 5%-95% non-condensing
EN55103-1, EN55103, EN6095, FCC part 15

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